Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TuneUp 2011 Free Full Version

Seperti yang di ketahui pengguna operating system tidak pernah lepas dari berbagai macam masalah khususnya pada OS Windows, selain CCleaner untuk membantu dalam mengoptimalkan system windows anda bisa menggunakan system tools TuneUp Utilities 2011 dalam hal melakukan optimalisasi kinerja system agar selalu berjalan baik.

New Features TuneUp Utilities 2011:
TuneUp Program Deactivator with TuneUp Programs-on-Demand Technology:
Now, for the first time, you can completely disable programs and reduce their load on your PC: the services, startup programs, background processes or planned tasks of a disabled program are inactive until you need them again. This prevents a loss of performance following numerous program installations.

Improved TuneUp Turbo Mode:
The TuneUp Turbo Mode now gives you an even greater performance boost whenever you need it. It now shuts off nearly 80 hindering factors in the background to provide greater performance for your work, more fluid gameplay and full control over the hindering background activities.

The New TuneUp Tuning Status:
The TuneUp Tuning Status shows you at a glance how well you are using TuneUp Utilities to optimize your PC. You are shown any remaining potential here by the relevant notifications.

The New Rating Function for Programs:
TuneUp Utilities now gives you the option of rating the usefulness of programs and seeing the ratings of other TuneUp Utilities users. This may help you to decide which programs you really need. So that you can apply this new-found knowledge immediately, the Rating function for programs is directly integrated in the TuneUp Program Deactivator, TuneUp StartUp Manager and TuneUp Uninstall Manager modules.

The New-Look Start Center:
TuneUp Utilities gives you full control of and access to the most important tuning steps, as well as a clear overview. The new Start Center is now even more intuitive to operate. Thanks to the arrangement into categories, you will find the function you are looking for more easily and can check on the current status of your PC at any time.

The New Overview of all Functions:
TuneUp Utilities now has an Overview of all functions on the Start Center which gives you an overview sorted by application area and quick access to all functions and settings.

Download: TuneUp 2011 Trial Version
Download: Keygn TuneUp 2011 To Full Version

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